Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with EnerLogic, Energy Efficient Windows 

Reducing carbon footprint is a critical component of corporate sustainability programs. Property and facility managers/owners, architects, utilities and government regulations are looking beyond simple payback and energy savings. Energy efficiency must now be managed effectively, 24/7 and every season of the year.

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When EnerLogic window films are applied, less energy is consumed and natural resources are saved.

Independent Lifecycle Assessments (LCA) have shown that applying EnerLogic window film to the current generic glazing system renders it carbon neutral after two months.

Let EnerLogic window films turn poorly insulated windows into energy efficient Windows

EnerLogic Energy Saving window films transform windows into energy efficient windows improving the window’s insulating properties, and therefore providing year round energy savings.  EnerLogic window films have an average annual insulation improvement of 92% compared to the same glass without EnerLogic.

One of the most remarkable performance features of these energy efficient window coverings is their ability to reduce heat transfer through windows by 43%. EnerLogic window films are almost invisible, clarity is maintained and at the same time, allows sunlight to enter, but harmful UV rays, discomforting solar heat and glare are substantially reduced.

EnerLogic Energy Saving window films will significantly reduce energy consumption as a result of heat loss/heat gains through glass with its highly advanced energy efficient thin film insulating technology.

EnerLogic’s vastly superior thermal performance as a window insulating film has broad and significant commercial benefits for the architectural and building industries, particularly as a ‘retrofit’ product.

Energy usage affects facility management, budget planning, and capital improvements in profitability. This is the case for both commercial and residential requirement. Typically, windows account for 15% to 30% of the buildings total heating costs and often more than 30% of cooling costs.

EnerLogic Energy Saving window films can significantly reduce energy consumption, therefore boosting profitability as a result of energy efficiency.

When comparing how much EnerLogic window films improve a typical window’s insulating performance to other film technologies, it’s clear that EnerLogic window films are in a class of their own.


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