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For Architects, Facility Managers & Developers

World-class, high-performance glazing solutions

As one of the world’s leading brands of architectural window film, LLumar has been enhancing iconic, well-known buildings around the world for decades with proven results. Our films have been applied to Buckingham Palace, the Vatican and the  Chrysler World Headquarters as well as thousands of major projects around the globe that are just too sensitive to mention. LLumar consistently exceeds the expectation of the most discerning customers. 

For more information about the facts on energy savings, to order films or for data sheets please contact us.

With LLumar, you get the tools to raise the style, performance and safety of buildings to new levels. Whether your clients are looking to improve occupant comfort, lower energy costs, enhance privacy, protect against graffiti or help deter thefts or terrorist attacks, LLumar retrofit films is the choice of more architects and designers around the world and for good reasons:

  • Genuine performance films with scientific data to support
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Mitigation of tenant complaints and increase tenant comfort
  • Provides a more uniform appearance of a building
  • Eco friendly ‘green’ Enerlogic that out-performs double glazing eliminating the need for costly additional materials (frame and glass) going to landfills and by upgrading glass rather than replacing it

Guaranteed to last with a manufacturer’s backed warranty, in some cases up to lifetime!

   Energy Efficiency

LLumar energy saving window films can help keep building owners happy 
in all sorts of ways , from reducing hot and cold spots to increasing energy efficiency and saving money. Choosing LLumar simply makes good business sense.

✓    Increase Comfort & Productivity                                                                                            

By reducing heat and solar energy, windows tinted with LLumar solar control window film can help 'even out' the hot and cold spots throughout your building. 
The result is more cost savings and satisfied tenants and/or greater employee comfort.

✓    UV Window Films LLumar solar control window film blocks harmful UV rays to help protect 
people and furnishings.
✓    Shatter Protection LLumar safety and security window film provides a powerful, clear barrier 
against outside threats.
✓    Designer Window Film

LLumar decorative window film gives you unlimited options for bringing 
light and space to life.

For Commercial Property Owners & Facility Managers

Lower energy costs and increase tenant comfort with LLumar commercial window tinting.

It takes a world leader to protect a world leader. As one of the world’s leading brands of architectural window tint, LLumar has been enhancing well-known buildings around the world for decades and with proven results. From Buckingham Palace to the Vatican to Chrysler World Headquarters, LLumar commercial window tinting exceeds expectations of even the toughest customers with convincing results.

  • Increased tenant comfort and reduced tenant complaints
  • Tenant retention due to more usable space, eliminates hot and cold spots
  • Updates building appearance with cosmetic change to exterior appearance
  • Appreciable return on investment
  • Lowers utility costs and simply saves energy.


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